Welcome to Megamax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Megamax  is a global supplier by sourcing from quality vendors from India. We are expertise in supplying Electrical goods, Instrumentation goods, Transmission Towers, ACSR Conductors, Distribution Transformers, Earthing equipments like Earthing electrode, Chemical earthing electrode, Earthing rod, Earth clamps, Coppper earthing electrode, Earthing pipe, Earthing Plate, Gel Earthing electrode, Transmission hardware fittings like Insulator String Fittings, Conductor Accessories, Vibration And Spacer dampers, OPGW Fittings, Fitting and Accessories for Substation, Fittings for Power Distribution Lines, Fasteners, Surge Arrestors, Glass Disc Insulators etc..

Megamax is rapidly growing business group based in India with a dedicated team of qualified and experienced Engineers, Supervisors, Staff and Workers. In our group of companies, we have diversified our business activities in the Industrial Supplies, Power and Transmission Sectors.

Our unique offerings bring real value to our customers. The progressive improvements in the performance of Megamax products are the result of its insight and understanding of customer needs and advanced manufacturing techniques.

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Megamax Enterprises Private Limited deals with a broad range of products covering the entire electrical requirements of power, building services, projects and special products. This division represents more than 25 vendors.